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At The Nature Photography Contest, our aim is to celebrate the beauty of nature and highlight the importance of its conservation. As an international photography competition, we focus on awarding excellence in nature and wildlife photography on a global scale. This year, our photography competition 2024 offers a total of ten exciting categories in which photographers from around the world can compete to win our prestigious international photography awards. From landscape photography to wildlife photography, there's a category that fits every photographic style and skill. Explore our categories below and find the perfect one for you. Submit your most stunning photos and join us in the celebration of nature!

Natural landscapes

The Natural Landscapes category is one of the most exciting in our photography competition. Our natural landscape photography award. We are looking for the best natural landscape photography of the year that showcases the beauty of nature in its purest form. You can submit photographs of any type of natural landscape, from majestic mountains to golden beaches, and everything in between. If you are a lover of landscape photography and want to compete for the title of Landscape Photography of the Year, this is your category. Submit your best natural landscape photographs and take part in this year's landscape photography contest!

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The Wildlife category is one of the most exciting in our photography contest. We are looking for the best wildlife photographs of the year that showcase the beauty and diversity of animals in their natural habitats. If you are a lover of wildlife photography and want to compete for the title of Wildlife Photography of the Year, this is the category for you. Submit your best wildlife photographs and take part in this wildlife photography contest category!

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Do you love capturing the small details of nature? The Macrophotography category in The Nature Photography Contest is the perfect place to showcase your skill and creativity in detail photography. Participate in the world photography competition and demonstrate your passion for nature. Dare to stand out among the world's best photographers!

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Dive into the marine world and show the hidden beauty in the depths. The Underwater category aims to celebrate the creativity and skill of the photographers to capture unique underwater images. From the smallest marine life to panoramic views of the oceans, this category brings to life the diversity and fragility of our underwater world. Enter in our photo competition and test your knowledge of underwater photography.

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The Birds category of The Nature Photography Contest seeks to highlight the beauty and diversity of the world's birds. From majestic eagles to tiny hummingbirds, capture with your camera the grace and charm of these winged creatures. With this category, we want to see the skill of photographers who have captured the essence of birds and their relationship with their natural environment. Join the bird photography contest!

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Plant life

Plants are one of the main beings that populate our world, one of those elements without which life cannot exist. But they are also one of the factors that give character and form to the landscape. Their varied colors and shapes make this plant world an essential element for these international photo awards. That is why we needed to dedicate a category to them in this The Nature Photography Contest 2024.

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Night world

Are you a night owl and photography lover? Show your ability to capture the magic of the night in the Night World category of The Nature Photography Contest. From illuminated urban landscapes to starry skies, this category challenges you to show what the night has to offer. Surprise our panel of judges and be recognized as one of the world's best night photographers. Show your talent in the Night World category!

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Environmental impact

The Environmental Impact category is one of the most important categories in The Nature Photography Contest. This category seeks photographs that show the negative human impact on the environment. It is essential to raise awareness in society about the importance of taking care of our home and the fauna and flora that inhabit it. Participate in this category and help us spread the importance of environmental protection.

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Sharing the planet

The Sharing the planet category focuses on the interaction between humans and nature. We are looking for photographs that capture the relationship between people and their natural environment but, this time, in positive terms. From an indigenous community living in harmony with nature, to rescues that save the lives of animals that would not survive on their own, all images that show our good interaction with the planet are welcome in this category. Help us raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our shared home.

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Funny nature

The Funny Nature category is dedicated to catch those unexpected and funny moments that nature has to offer. From animals making funny faces to comical situations, this category celebrates the funny side of our planet. Enter the Nature Photo Contest and showcase your ability to capture these unforgettable moments in an image. Join us in the mission to appreciate and care for our natural world.

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You can participate in as many categories as you wish with as many photographs as you want. The only important thing is that your photographs show how important and beautiful the natural environment is. That they remind us, once again, why we have to take care of it and give it the value it deserves.

At The Nature Photography Contest, we believe that photography is a powerful tool for share our values and concerns about the planet. Each of our categories seeks to showcase different aspects of nature, from its beauty to its challenges. By sharing your photos with us, you can contribute to our efforts to promote the protection and care of the natural world. Join us in our mission and share your unique vision of nature through our photo competition.

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